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Private And League Teams

Whether you need an event tracker for your club team, league, or any other private team. Sportfolio can help. If you are a league interested in autonamtically adding teams, games and players contact us (Don't worry just like the rest of Sportfolio its free!) Learn more about Sportfolio Teams:

Team Basics

All of your teams will appear under the Team screen. If you have been invited to a team but haven’t accepted, you will see a pending team request icon.

If you click on this icon, you will be given the option to ‘Accept’ or ‘Decline’ joining a team. To view your teams profile page touch the team.

Team Profile

Profile Front

The front profile of a team simply acts as a banner. Use this to show off a sweet team picture. If you want to look at the awesome UI free just click on the picture to hide the menu.

Card Back – Button to flip to your team information screen.

Profile Back

This is where all the fun facts about your team are housed. This is where you will find all the information about your team:

Events – Your events will be divided into upcoming and completed events. You can RSVP from this view by clicking the RSVP box on the event or click on the event to go to the Event Screen.
Members – This view shows all the members of the team.
Posts – This view allows players to communicate to the entire team.

Team Management

Creating and Editing Teams

Create a new team in just 5 easy steps.

  1. Provide a Team Name – Input your team name.
  2. Pick a sport – After a team is created this cannot be changed.
  3. Description (Optional) – 255 Character way team description that appears on your team screen.
  4. Upload A Team Icon (Optional) – This is the icon that will appear next to any team event.
  5. Team Profile Photos (Optional) – You can select to upload a team front and back photo.

Adding and Editing Events

Team Organizers can add events to a team at any time. If you have set events every weekday at a specifc time think about making them recurring to save some time.

  1. What – Add a title and select the event type.
  2. When – Input a time for the event and indicate whether the event is recurring. Recurring events will create an event every week on that day indefinately.
  3. Where – Provide a descriptive name and pick a geolocation for your event.
  4. Details – Provide additional details about the event.

Managing And Promoting Members

After a team is created players can be added from the team back screen. Team members can be promoted to organizers to help with creating events, inviting new members, and managing the team profile.

  • Add Members – Players can be added by using the people picker screen. Players not currently on Sportfolio can be added by thier email address. They will receive a sign up email, and when they do will become part of the team.
  • Add Organizers – After a player is added to a team they can be promoted to organizer by any other organizers on the team by long clicking on the user from the team screen. By default the creator of the team is the only organizer.