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Pickup Games & Public Events

Sportfolio's public event platforms allows people and organizations to post events that are open to all-comers. You can post and search based on event types which range from pickup games, to group workouts, to tournaments. Learn more about the event finder and posting events:

Event Finder

The event finder lets you quickly find events using any geographic region. To view more details about the event click on the event to open up the event screen.

Search – Searches the current visible area on the map for events.
List View – Allows you to view the current set of events in list form.
Filter – Allows you to filter down you events. The filter includes the ability to search for specific dates or type of events.

Event Types

  • Pickup Games – Used to flag an event as an all-commers game.
  • Workout – Used to find identify an event as a group or person looking for workout partners in the area.
  • Practice – Used to identiy an event as group or person looking to find others to practice an aspect of a particular sport.
  • Tryout – Used to identify an open tryout for league, club, travel, and private teams.

Creating Events

Creating new events on Sportfolio is extremely simple. Just click on the add event button from the Event Finder screen and you will be walked through the steps for adding events. Once you have created a new event it will be visible to anyone who searches the area you pinned the event.

  1. What – Add a title then choose a sport and event type.
  2. When – Input a time for the event and indicate whether the event is recurring. Recurring events will create an event every week on that day indefinately.
  3. Where – Provide a descriptive name and pick a geolocation for your event.
  4. Details – Provide additional details about the event.