Player's Guide

Find Games and Workouts.

Manage Your Events.

Play More Sports.

Getting Started

Setup Your Profile

The first time you login to Sportfolio you will be asked to setup a profile. This profile is necessary for pretty much everything except for viewing public pickup events.

  • You will need to provide a first name, last name, and email address.
  • It is also recommended that you upload a user icon
  • And and upload title picture. Your default title will be "Rookie". More options will be earned by using Sportfolio.
  • You can change your profile details at anytime by clicking the "settings" button on the main screen.

Don't worry. You can always setup your profile later if you skip this step.

Public Events

Whether you want to find a game (Pickup Games), meet some new running buddies (Workouts), or someone to practice throwing with (Practices), the Sportfolio App let's you post and respond to pickup events near you. To learn More about public events follow the links below:

 Finding Public Events»  Posting Public Events»


The friends button allows you to access you friend list. From there you can search for new or existing friends by clicking the add friend button.

Add Existing Players

Search for friends that have already joined Sportfolio by using the 'Player Finder' and searching by their first or last name or email address. It's easiest to search by email to make sure you find exactly who you are looking for.

Invite Players

Invite new players to Sportfolio by searching for their email address. If it is not found you will be given the option to send them an invite to Sportfolio.

Confirming Request

When you recevie a friend request you will need to confirm that you want to be friends. You will see the icon above next to the requestor. By clicking you can choose to 'Accept' or 'Decline' the request.

Private And League Teams

Sportfolio's Team screen includes private teams that you have been invited to as well as your league teams1. Private teams allow organizers to:

• Create events to track expected attendence.

• Invite and Maintain Team Memebers.

• Promote Additional Organizers.

• Allow team members to communicate through Event and Team Posts.

To learn more about Sportfolio Teams follow the links below:

 Private Teams & Leagues»  More About Creating Teams»

1. Registered Leagues Only. For more information on registering your league go to the League And Private Teams page.